Monday, March 27, 2006

Six Months Ago

Today, I realized something. It has been six months since I posted Rita vs. the small town, my thoughts from when I came home to see my small town ravaged by the Category 2 leftovers of Hurricane Rita. The devestation was just unreal. As I mentioned, I live 100 miles north of the coast. Yet, the direct center of the storm passed right over my house.

I can still remember the trees down all over the place. I can still remember the converstations I had with people who were unsure about how much of their homes were left. I remember going home to a fully intact house thanking God that the only thing missing was the cable TV. I still remember going online each day and printing out copies of the Beaumont Enterprise so that the over 250 guests sleeping in our church gym could know little slivers of what was going on.

I saw the absolute best in people those weeks following the storm. A group of nurses and doctors from all over the country came to check on our guests and others. Some group of men from Idaho showed up in a bus and stayed for a few days.

The scenes I saw were just unreal. I know that I will never forget the things that I learned during that time of great trial for my town, and my church.

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