Saturday, January 22, 2005

She Said Yes!

Wow. I've had a great week! Yep. One of the most wonderful things to happen in my life came about this week. I became a purple belt Yea!

Just kidding of course. Not about the purple belt thing, that did happen. Last Saturday, I asked my best friend and the love of my life to marry me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I sure didn't know that when I came to take a job as a youth minister, that I was going to find the one God had for me to become my wife, but that's exactly what happened. In the time we had been dating, we became so close. Our time apart in the physical distance allowed us to become the best of friends.

Her birthday was Friday night, but the high school band she directs had to play at a basketball game. So I sent a dozen roses to the school on Friday and then drove up to be with her on her birthday. Saturday, I had reservations at a restaurant in Dallas called The Melting Pot. It's one of those places that you have to dress up to be able to go into. Now Melissa isn't the type to put on a dress that often. When she finished getting ready, I was absolutely taken back by how beautiful she looked.

The food was absolutely wonderful, great atmosphere. We had just finished our desert of dark chocolate and marshmellow fondue and went over to her side of the booth and told her she had one more present. She was crying before I got my first word out. She yelled out yes so loud that everyone around us knew what was going on. :) In fact, I kind of "got caught" by these two ladies who were on their way to the restroom. They screamed out "Oh my, God, someone's getting engaged." Which promptly gave us an audience. Melissa was absolutely beautiful and shaky and smiley and crying. I want to remember every look and every touch from that night. After the entire staff had come by to look at the ring, the manager opened up a bottle of champange on the house for us. That was interesting and funny. A baptist preachers daughter and a baptist youth minister being given champange :) We sipped enough to be polite and then escaped for a whole bunch of phone calls.

It's all been kind of a whirlwind, and I can't believe that we're actually going to get married!!!! Like I said, what a great week!

Monday, January 03, 2005


Now I remember why I moved to Texas!!! It only took a few moments to remember what 22 inches of snow looks like and why I love the idea of 70 degrees in January. I guess everyone is right, the blood does thin the longer you live in the south, but I'll take it.

I went on vacation with Melissa and took her home to meet my family. We had a great time in the snow the first day. Meli had never seen more than the dusting that we get around here. So of course, I just had to revert back to some childhood memories so we could peg each other with a few snowballs. :)

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