Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Give Thanks

It's fast coming up on the time of the year to give thanks to God for what he has done for us. It's been getting a lot easier lately to see all those great things. I'm beginning to feel that my girlfriend and I are getting closer with each moment we spend together. Those moments, however have been few and far between.

See, the distance thing has always been there. We knew the difficulties going in. A lot of people in my life have told me that long distance relationships have absolutely no chance. Yet, soon we'll be coming up on six months. I'm really beginning to think that this might be it. She's agreed to come home with me for Christmas vacation this year. It's the first time I've been back in a year, and I'm bringing someone along.

The student ministry is coming along each and every week we meet. After having some time to sit back and look at what God has given me, I've realized that I've got the most wonderful problem to deal with. The growth in numbers and spirituality of these kids has been overwhelming me. But just today, I looked and realized that this is a great thing! It's so much better to deal with a problem of too many than not enough, right?

It's kind of like in Taekwondo. I've been taking it for a few months now. I was so upset that I lost in the first round 5-3. But as I had a chance to look back and think on it, I realized that I, with no athletic talent, got 3 shots in. How much have I improved since starting? I can't wait to test for Green on Monday.

That's about it for now.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Falling Back?

I still have not figured out this whole time changing thing. Living in a state where we don't change time for most of my life, I think that Daylight Savings Time is like messing with the space time contiuum. Eventually all of our messing around with all the clocks is going to catch up to us. Soon there will be large gaping vortexes of messed up time sucking all life as we know it into it.
Ok, so I'm overreacting just a little bit. But I'm sure going to enjoy the extra hour of sleep. Things have been looking up today. I'm still very tired, both physically and mentally, but life is looking up. I can feel that God has His hands on me and will be carrying me through all of this.

Friday, October 29, 2004

In the Balance

I'm a Monty Python fan. I have been for number of years, but moreso lately. There's this scene in the Holy Grail where they weigh the alleged witch and she weighs the same as the duck. Obviously there's about a snowballs chance in you know where that she really weighed the same as the duck. The scales were off.

I'm beginning to think that my scales are off lately. I've got a great job at a church that supports me. The ministry is growing and the kids are wonderful. They're growing closer to God and brining friends in to the group as well. I've got a wonderful girlfriend who I love so much. So why do I feel like the scale is even with the bad things sometimes?

I think it's just some stress of the time that is coming up. It's a busy weekend with everything that is going on. I know I should be "counting my blessings" and everything like that, but sometimes it is very hard to do. I keep waiting for things to "settle down." When will it happen?

It's time to rebalance the scales. Time to remember what God has given me. It's time to rejoice in my trials because they produce character in me, just like Paul said. I just pray that I have the courage to do just that.

First Time

All right. Going to try this thing out for a while. Usually, I'm not a person to jump on full bore into the latest craze especially when it comes to the internet, but I thought why not. I've been teaching the kids in my youth ministry for a while now about the need to be open and honest, so this seems like a good way to keep up with things.
For new people and others who just like to stop by and read everybody else's thoughts here on this vast world wide web, I'm can't believe that you are here of all places. I hope that you get something positive out of what you read here.
For any of the students at CROSSbow, welcome welcome welcome! Have fun and remember that this is about being real. Sometimes, we don't have the greatest times, even as Christians. If I've had a bad day, I may write about it. If I've had a great time, I will right about it. But no glossing over. ok?
For everyone else, sit back, place your seats and tray tables to their full upright and locked positions, and hang on. You're about to enter my world. Thank you for flying Me Airlines.