Friday, October 29, 2004

In the Balance

I'm a Monty Python fan. I have been for number of years, but moreso lately. There's this scene in the Holy Grail where they weigh the alleged witch and she weighs the same as the duck. Obviously there's about a snowballs chance in you know where that she really weighed the same as the duck. The scales were off.

I'm beginning to think that my scales are off lately. I've got a great job at a church that supports me. The ministry is growing and the kids are wonderful. They're growing closer to God and brining friends in to the group as well. I've got a wonderful girlfriend who I love so much. So why do I feel like the scale is even with the bad things sometimes?

I think it's just some stress of the time that is coming up. It's a busy weekend with everything that is going on. I know I should be "counting my blessings" and everything like that, but sometimes it is very hard to do. I keep waiting for things to "settle down." When will it happen?

It's time to rebalance the scales. Time to remember what God has given me. It's time to rejoice in my trials because they produce character in me, just like Paul said. I just pray that I have the courage to do just that.

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