Friday, March 17, 2006

I Have Found Them!!!

So, a simple trip to grocery shop at Wal-Mart turned into a walk down memory lane today, and I am one happy boy. My last experience in college was going with the Indiana State University Wind Ensemble on a tour of Tajimi and Nagoya, Japan in 2001. I had an incredible time there taking in the sights, meeting the people, and performing in front of people.

Well, while staying with the host family, I got to take in a lot of the local food. (After we finally convinced the mother of the house that she didn't have to feed us American food all the time.) We went to the store, and that's when I found them. The most wonderful sweet of all time. Pocky.

I don't know how many yen I spent at the local 100 yen store (Seriously) buying these things, but suffice it to say, it was a bit. While many of my fraternity brothers were discovering the wonders of saki, I was hooked on these little things. I had no idea what the box said, but they were so good.

Pockys are these little biscuit sticks that are dipped in chocolate, vanilla, or my favorite, strawberry. Apparently, they are very popular kiddie treats.

Well, ever since getting back home, I've never been able to find them. Even a couple trips to some international food markets in Indiana turned up empty. I had pretty much forgotten about them, like memories of a long-lost love.

Then today, there they were. Hidden under piles of rice and just next to the soy sauce I needed -- Boxes and boxes of my estranged asian treat. I was in heaven! I've already torn into one of the strawberry boxes.

It's amazing how much little things can mean so much. I associate these treats with everything that was good about being in college. I think of friends, fraternity brothers, the professors that I liked. I remember getting a standing ovation from a packed crowd of Japanese people who came to hear a band concert. I remember the man who picked me out of a crowd just to ask me if I had seen Ichiro play baseball.

I think I understand a little better why there is so much symbolism in Christianity. The ark of the covenant, the Passover, the many feasts, the Last Supper. Little things that have a profound meaning to us, and help us to focus on Him.

Anyway, enough typing. I'm going to go finish the box.

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