Friday, March 17, 2006

Bracket Busted

Day one and I'm already facing bracket trouble... Way to go Syracuse. :) I went 10-6 yesterday. Here's hoping that today will be a better day.

Wait is Davidson really beating Ohio State? AHHHHHHHH!

Looks like the Valley is going to have to represent for me to have any chance.

Update: 1:18 p.m. Thank you Ohio State. You get a little nervous when one of your Final Four Picks is losing their first round game at halftime.

Update: 4:30 16-8 It keeps on going downhill. Northern Iowa didn't pull it off.

Update: 11:20 p.m. -- Final first round score 20 out of 32. Not good. But a lot of my sweet sixteen picks are still alive. I might still have a chance to win the YMX group. Yeah right :)

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