Thursday, March 16, 2006

Life in Reverse

Ever tried to back a 15 passenger van up for two miles? Neither had I, until yesterday. I definitely believe that 15-passenger van driving, both forward and backward, should now be included as a required class for first year seminary students. Hmm... 8:00 am Theology 10:00 am Greek 11:00 am Driving the Church Van 101

I was taking kids home from CROSSbow last night, and had to take a road that can only be described as a path that a car can fit through. Dirt road would be a generous description. We're going along past the third "fork in the road" of three when I come up on the bottomless pit to eternity that is an East Texas post-rain mud hole.
So, of course, the advice I'm getting from the back is to "just go fast and get through it." I wouldn't budge. So we tested it out. Not a chance. So I got the thrill of backing up the van until we could finally get back the fork and take the other way.

The thing I noticed is, this is a lot like the way we handle sin. I think we can see it coming for a mile away, yet we have to get as close to it as we can before really noticing it. We may even "test it out" by being in it for a while. If I had driven through and got stuck, the consequences would have been bad. Eventually, we have to "back up," fix things, repair relationship, repair ourselves, and get back on the right path.

This "finding God in the everyday" stuff is really starting to affect my way of thinking.

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