Friday, October 07, 2005

Mustard Seeds

Faith like a mustard seed...

Back in middle school, I was very much into drama. I was in every musical and play possible, and (I think) I was really good at it. I got lead parts all the time. Then I moved to a new town and when I got to high school, suddenly my parts shrank. I remember, the teacher told me the old theater catchprase "There are no small parts, only small people."

I never really understood that as any more than a way to pacify angry freshmen.

Now that I'm older, I understand the power that small things have. Luke 13:18-21 tells of two really small things that have big results.

The mustard seed: a 1/8 inch seed will take off and in one season grow to 8-12 feet.
Yeast: anyone just has to put too much in a loaf of homemade bread to understand that (Sorry about that one to my 8th grade home ec teacher).

Sometimes, situations that seem small can turn out to be big things for God. Consider this, it was a small town Sunday School teacher that led D.L. Moody to Christ. It was ten kids meeting in a living room that started See You at the Pole. Out of the eleven remaining apostles after Jesus's death and ressurection, the church was built that we see today.

Jesus was trying to tell us that the Kingdom of Heaven was not a huge concept, but something that we could grasp, and spread throughout the world, like yeast in bread. No matter where we are, we can be mustard seeds and grow into mighty plants. No matter where I am, I can be a part of what He has in store!

By the way, the last of our evacuated guests have left the church. It's so quiet here now... too quiet.

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