Sunday, October 02, 2005

Late Night Musings

I think I'm running out of synonyms for ramblings.

Most of the guest staying in our church have left for home. We only have about 20 left, after starting the week with almost 200.

In the words of a very underrated Christian musician, Paul Coleman "Why does it take a tragedy to bring us all together?"

You know, a white person, a black person, and a latino person look the same when they are sitting together in a shelter talking about how their home was destroyed.

I took a day away from the chruch to go to the Texas Rangers vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in California around the West Coast, but not really close to the ocean. How does a team lost 7-1 to a team that wouldn't even play its best players for more than one at bat. Good thing I'm a Cubs fan. Oh, wait...

You know, ballpark hot dogs just taste better. For $4.75, they better.

Speaking of good food, you know, the military really have it good. Those MREs aren't half bad. I recommend the roast beef.

I need to go camping more. I'm not used to life without power, AC, running water, etc. It caught a lot of us off guard. I knew I should have worked harder in Cub Scouts.

That's it for tonight. Lots more to come, I bet.

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