Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Back to normal?

Someone just asked me if life was starting to get back to normal now that the evacuees are leaving for their FEMA paid-for hotel rooms. So that made me think, "What exactly is normal?" Then again, maybe the better question is "What is so great about normal?" I mean, over the past two weeks, I have seen some the best in people.

I've watched an 80-year-old man wake up every day at 5 a.m. to show up and help out with whatever he can. I grew a huge respect as I saw him bring in a truckload of food and supplies from another church nearby.

I've seen students asking and pleading to find ways to help, even when we were so full of volunteers, that I had nothing for them to do.

I've seen people displaced from their homes working to create a home out of church gym floor, and getting on people when they don't protect the sanctity of that home.

My biggest hope is that we don't let this die. It's so easy to step up and help people when there is a major crisis and the cameras are on. Now comes the hard part. I worry that when the everyday happens and we see the guy on the side of the road riding a 40-year-old bicycle with his beard down to his waist, will he help him? When someone who just got out of prison comes to church, will we help him or turn him away, saying he'll never change? Now comes the fun part. May God bless my town. I hope.

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loren said...

I hope God will bless your town too. Sounds like He's off to a good start.