Friday, October 07, 2005

Do I look 13?

All my kids have had fun with me about this all week, so might as well share it with everyone else.

A couple weeks ago, I was flying with my fiancee to a taekwondo tournament in west Texas. On a certain airline that will remain nameless (but rhymes with Surthwest ) you pick where you want to sit based on a random grouping during checkin. We were first so the other person with us decided we could take the exit row to have more leg room. That, and you know, three martial artists should be able to open a door. During the preflight stuff, the and the following conversation took place.

Attendant: You know you have to be 15 to sit in the exit row?

Me: Yeah?

Attendant: Are you 15?

Me: I'm 27

Attendant: no. really? (followed by a large laughter from the people around me)

So then, we're at the tournament and before it gets started, it's sort of traditional to look around and see who all is there, espcially since in ATA, we all end up competing against mostly the same people. This kid comes up to me and the following happened.

Kid: Man, I hope they split the rings up (by height)so I don't fight you. When you grow up you'll be as tall as Yao Ming.

Me: How old are you?

Kid: 13

The age groups always split 11-13, 14-16, and 17-29 AHHHH! He thought I was 13!

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