Friday, October 06, 2006

NYWC Day 2 Post 2

Greetings from the Digital Lounge! Just a quick couple of thoughts that I can get down right now.

Right away, let me say that Dan Kimball is a treasure of God. Before the convention "officially" started, my feet hurt, my calves hurt, and my backside hurts. (to steal a line from one of my church members. When he asked "are you a youth group leader or the leader of a group of youth missionaries" I was about out. Wow. What a question. I had never thought of that before. This is one of those NYWC moments where you just realize that you are in the right place, and that God has put you in that room to hear exactly what you needed to hear.

I realized this morning that I never really had a break between my last day in San Augustine and my first day in Cumby. I went straight from my last Sunday, to getting married, to honeymoon, to interviewing, to starting at a new church, to starting the taekwondo business, to getting programs off the ground with the new pastor. I am tired. I'm much more worn out that I thought. The great thing is, though, that's ok. God is revealing to me that it has all been incredibly worth it!

I want to make sure that these students are living the life of Christ because it's a wonderful thing to have and not because it's a set of rules. I want to do ministry because God is wonderful, not because I have to get the numbers up. This church is great and I believe they will help me to do that. I have to believe that God can do astonishing things in Cumby, even things He has never done before.

It's only the first full day and already I feel refreshed in a way that I cannot possibly describe. It's like they know what you need, the Spirit prompts you to hear it, and great things happen.

In a couple minutes, I'm about to head off dinner with some new friends from Missouri. During the first General Session, Tic made everyone who was travelling alone stand up. Even though I am rooming with a family from YMX, and we have the YMX meeting tomorrow, I am here by myself. So these guys from the great MO and I are about to meet up. Thanks, Tic, for a great idea.

That's about it for now. Pictures and maybe a video or two to come later.

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Derek said...

Awesome!!! Great to hear news from Austin!