Thursday, October 05, 2006

National Youth Workers Convention Thursday

Well, I'm here at the National Youth Worker's Convention! From the first impressions, it seems to be even bigger than it's ever been before. I'm having a hard time deciding what seminars I'm going to take tomorrow. I may even be deciding right up until I actually walk in the door. I have an entire bag full of brochures from everything from coffee sales to mission trips. Plus, I'm on the list for about 10 Ipods. If I don't win one this year, fate is against me. :)

Here's video of the exhibition hall area.

Now it's time to relax and enjoy, but my heart is heavy with some very sad news from back home. I can't go into it for confidentiality reasons, but a family I know is really hurting over the loss of their father. It's one of those situations that make it difficult to understand why. If you read this pray for them, God knows who you mean.


Tony Myles said...

After several years in a row, I finally won an Ipod (or "big prize") last year. I think that's the trick... just keep going back for the free stuff and get blessed along the way. :)

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