Saturday, May 27, 2006

Thank God for Congress!

Finally, the Congress did something right!

Congress bars military funeral protesters

This may not make me into the favorites of certain people, but that's fine. It's a hard thing to believe that people could believe they are following Christ and do things like that. I've read the whole bible (as a youth pastor, I better have) and I have yet to find one time where Jesus either a) carried a picket sign, or b) ever used the word fag (or any other similar form). I believe that love is the better way. Love covers all. The love of Jesus is powerful enough to change anyone. I would rather focus on that. I love that Jesus loves me, and I want to share that with everyone.

Before someone from there comes here and misreads me, let me be clear. Homosexuality is listed as a sin. It is wrong. I will freely say that because it is the biblical truth. However, seriously, how many people do they expect to be bring back to Christ by acting like this?

Dave Burchett in his book "When Bad Christians Happen to Good People" likens things like this to the small percentage of policemen who have done wrong. Although 99% of them are honest, hardworking, wonderful public servants, it's the 1% that get on the news, stir up trouble, and make the job harder for everyone else.

So, for the record

1) I believe that love is the better way because Christ loves us enough to have gone through a horrible, painful death for us.

2) I wish I could have nothing to do with certain groups of people. However, since they have the words "Baptist Church" in their church name, I am going to be lumped in with them sometimes. That's fine. I still believe that love wins.

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