Monday, May 29, 2006

Moving Part II

Well, just a quick post while I take a break from packing. I've got two out of four rooms completely finished and packed up. Thankfully, I'm not actually moving anything until after the honeymoon so if anything doesn't get done it's not a huge crisis. I've got some of the students coming over tomorrow to help out, so everything should get done.

Today, Meli went back home so she can teach tomorrow. I just realized that this was the last time that one of us will ever have to get into our car and leave the other to go home. Next week, our home will be together! :)

It's pretty amazing how quickly you can accumulate junk. I'm already over five full bags of stuff out the door and into the trash with probably one or more to go.

I've got a lot left to do, so off to it. I am leaving tomorrow to head up for the final plans and getting the marriage license! Later!

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