Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Break

So, this past Friday, I tested for the rank of recommended black belt. In the ATA, it's the belt level just before full black belt with your name on it and everything. It's been a long struggle, but in the end, the whole thing will be worth it in two months when I test for the full black belt rank.

The great thing is that during the test, I had to break boards. This has always been my hiccup. Most of the time, they go through, but a while ago, I was having a technique problem and mental block that led to me not breaking. Melissa and I fixed the problem, and this test was the time to prove that it had worked. Well...

First try, buddy! Both boards on the first try!

Perseverence. That's the name of the game in martial arts and in life. I can't wait to pick up the new belt on Thursday.

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