Monday, April 24, 2006

Coffee Shop Office

What is it about the coffeehouse that makes me be able to write? I've been working for a week on a sermon that I'm going to give next Sunday. (Being a youth pastor, I get the luxury of a month notice of giving a sermon to the main church.) Well, today, I'm in my office trying to write, when the power goes out. I'm sure it was just because a squirrel sneezed 50 miles away. For whatever reason, it lasted too long for the battery backup to keep going.

So I packed up and drove the 30 miles to the nearest coffee shop for some recharging mocha, and a nice quiet spot upstairs. In the process of an hour and half, I had written the sermon, my youth message for Wednesday, and a newsletter article for the church. Then the mocha kicked in. :)

It's odd, but I think I'm more productive away from my office than in it.

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