Thursday, August 24, 2006

Why do We Do This to Each Other?

"The single great cause of atheism in the world today is Christians..." I'm not sure who said this, but I heard it on a DC Talk cd when I was in college. Why is it that Christians do the worst things to each other and to the world? Then I get lumped in with those who call themselves that. Today, I read this...

Pastor, Family Accused of Molesting Young Female Congregants.

I was so shocked that I had to read the story twice to make sure it was really saying what it did. Apparently, a pastor and his family told little girls that by having sex with him he was "preparing their bodies for service to the Lord." Things like this really seem to get to me, because I spend so much time trying to get my students to focus on living their lives for God so that they can shine their light before all men. These little girls have had their lights blown out by men claiming to be pastors.

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