Friday, June 23, 2006


Greetings from Little Rock, Arkansas! I'm sitting here at the business center in the hotel checking in while my wife and our friends are all taking a nap. After teaching the youth ministry at Cumby back on Wednesday, I headed for Little Rock to go to the ATA World Championships.

This is an awesome event. It's my first time here and I'm overwhelmed with all the stuff going on. Last night we went and watched the high rank testings. Wow! I can't wait until I'm able to do things like that.

Then this morning, I went to the School Owners and Staff Training with Grand Master and the Master's Council. Sore does not even begin to describe how my legs feel right now! :) But it was a great workout and I learned a lot of things about balance, self-defense, and techniques. Today was the Top 10 Championships. Soon, I'm going to be driving over to the arena to watch the Master's Ceremony. A bunch of high ranks are going to be testing for 7th and 8th degrees, so this should be a very interesting night.

It's all been really fun so far! Tomorrow a couple of the students from Meli's school will be compteting in the Opening tournament. Then I'm heading home to see how the church vote goes.

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