Wednesday, September 28, 2005

First First!

Of course, this past weekend, I had to make a decision on rather to stay in the area, or use the nonrefundable ticket I had bought to Midland. After a lot of prayer and discussion with the SP, I went.

Something that never happens, happened... I won! I was 1st in forms in the 17-29 year old colored belt division! I couldn't believe it! I watched the last guy go through his form and thought, "I'm in the lead."

I ended up also taking a second with my weapon and third in sparring. I went the full two minutes in my last match, losing 3-2. I got to get back to the gym. By last 30 seconds, I was breathing so hard. What a weekend.

We still have about 100 people in the church. Everything is being cancelled tonight, so no youth. I met one teen girl staying with us and found out that she was a dancer. (the shorts that said "dancer" on them gave me some clue). So I made a call and found a ballet teacher who teaches one of my youth group kids. She offered her free lessons as long as the family is in our shelter. Just another one of those things were you get to see the best in people.

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