Monday, February 19, 2007

First Place

Picked up another three points toward a weapons championship this weekend. Right now I'm sitting so close to that final top ten spot. I hope that I can do well this next weekend so I won't have to stress about points the final two months of the season. It's now almost official that I have Texas State Championship locked up.

Went down to Houston this past weekend for Mr. Henderson's Tournament. I had a good time getting back with the guys in the ring, but a lot of the regulars weren't there. I've got a pretty good mark on my arm from blocking a kick that came after a judge called break. Life lesson... keep fighting until the center judge calls break.

In the Xtreme Weapons competition, well.... let's just say that the concept of personal victory is in full force. I walked in a 1st degree going up against two 5th degrees, one of which is going for World Championship in this. Just making it through the form was the goal and mission accomplished. Next time, we'll work on getting the music to work right the first time.

So all in all, I ended up with three medals from this one.

1st Traditional Weapons Form
3rd ATA-Xtreme Weapons Form
3rd Sparring

Meli picked up a silver medal in Traditional Forms with her new 4th and 5th degree ring.

Wednesday, we fly to Las Vegas for the Spring National Tournament where she will be testing for 4th degree black belt!

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