Sunday, November 06, 2005

Who You Calling Reverend?

Talk about a very long but good day. I've been fighting off this cold for four days now. Thanks be to God, though, that I was able to keep my voice long enough to make it through the service this morning. Picking a lot of low register songs probably helped that.

Anyway, that wasn't the important part of the day. You are reading the blog of the newest ordained pastor in the Southern Baptist Church. That's right, I am now Rev. Daron . Not that I will use that title very much, but still. I am so glad that God put me in a church that, even though we have had some differences, wants to do things to help me grow as a minister.

I don't think that this did anything different that what I've already been doing. Someone asked me, "Do you feel like a minister?" I told him, "I always did." This is my church validating what God has already made clear.

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